Cricket player-coach Michael Caruana took a trip down memory lane with Maltasport editor Joe Cardona and also speaks about the future of the game in Malta.

Q: What did you get up to over Christmas?
A: Not much really, had a family lunch and then the kids opened their presents.

Q: Which was the first sporting event that influenced you?
A: Ashes Cricket Series of 1981

Q: Who is your sporting hero?
A: Shane Warne, greatest leg spin bowler of all time.

Q: Is your love for cricket a family tradition? Or else something that cropped up in you?
A: The game cropped up from playing in the school breaks and with friends on the street.

Q: Does your family support you?
A: Yes, and now my son and daughter are also learning the game.

Q: As a youngster did you make any sacrifices for your career?
A: Not that I know off, I just loved to play.

Q: Which trainer influenced you most?
A: I have had a fair few trainers over the years and they have all helped in one way or another. Over the years I have become a level 2 coach myself.

Q: What did he teach you?
A: The main trainers helped me in my bowling.

Q: Do you have any weak points while playing cricket?
A: My main weak point at the moment would be my fitness

Q: Do you think that the game in Malta is attracting youths and thus help increase its popularity?
A: We are working hard at exposing the game to youths. The game is increasing in popularity but at a very slow rate.

Q: What do you think is needed in Malta to make cricket more successful?
A: Malta would need more P.E. teachers involved so that the game can be used more in schools.

Q: You won a lot of games in your career. Which one you remember most and why?
A: The most memorable for me was in Austria playing and captaining for Malta. We had batted first and made a low score of 208. Through a captaincy move where I shuffled the bowling a lot we won the game.

Q: For younger cricket players out there, what advice would you like to pass on?
A: All I have to say is come and give it a try and you will be amazed at how much fun it is.


DATE OF BIRTH: 18.03.69
BORN: Pieta
MARRIED: To Helen with two children Adam and Amy
FAVOURITE MUSIC: Queen, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd
FAVOURITE FILM/ACTOR: Pirates of the Caribbean/ Kiera Knightly
HOBBIES: Cricket
HONOURS WON: Over the years their have been many batting and bowling awards. One which sticks out in Malta is receiving an award for Best Player at the Sportiv tas -Sena 1996

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Saturday, June 23, 2018
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