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Category : Athletics
The 12th edition of the European Kids Athletics Festival, which will be held in Brno, Czech Republic in mid-September, is once again the last competition target in sight designed by the Malta Amateur Athletics Association to wrap up the season.

In the opinion of many quite appropriate, because the Council places utmost importance to the development of young talent, and this platform constitutes the first taste at international competition for children between the ages 11 – 15 years, soon knocking on the doors of elite competition.

Superbly led by last year’s protagonists, notably Alessia Cristina and Sean Spiteri, winners of six medals between them in 2016 - Alessia entering the Games’ record books in two individual events and as part of the relay team - there will be present another five athletes who featured as podium winners or just about, plus another 7 making their debut for the first time.

The events that the MAAA selection will be contesting, based on age-appropriate distances Europe-wide, will be 60m and 150m sprints for Kayleigh Chetcuti and Jeremy Zammit, as well as the long jump, these contestants being born in the year 2004.

The 2003 category, the largest contested, will see Sarah Chouhal, Kurt Zahra, Kyle Caruana and Alessia Cristina in the 60 and 300m besides Long Jump and relay, Kyle also doing shot putt.

Rachela Pace, this year’s category record holder in the High Jump will also be contesting the Long Jump, 300m and relay, while Mireya Cassar the shot for girls and Jacob Greengrass the 1500m.

In the older 2002 category, besides Sean Spiteri, Sara Bartolo, Rachel Aquilina and Lydon Pisani are the speedsters in the 60 and 300m besides the relays while Alastair Fava will confront the other competition big boys in the shot and javelin throws.

This year the team will be under the responsibility of Council Member and coach Mark Farrugia and MAAA official Martha Fitz.