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The Road Race Championship organized by the Malta Cycling Federation continued with the second day, last Sunday in San Martin.

In the Elite category, Maurice Formosa The Cyclists finish his seventh laps for a 60 KM distance in a good time of 1:43:20.08, almost a minute advantage over Alessio Galuppo Pro Action - Volata CT.

The Italian wins second place in the final sprint with Clive Ebejer of Team Greens just a point 13 seconds behind.

Marie Claire Aquilina of Team Greens again finished first in the Women's category when she made its five laps of about 43 KM distance, in 1:23:15.67.

So she is leading the general classification with 400 points. Its dominance was most evident when ended by an advantage of anything less than 7 minutes and 45.08 seconds on Marion Pullicino of Mosta AF Sign Studio CC and more than a quarter of an hour on its colleague Michelle Vella Wood.

Isaac Spiteri The Cyclists yet again won the juniors category when ended his six laps of a 51 KM distance in 1:43:05.99. Behind him came Gianluca Camilleri of Birkirkara St. Joseph SC in 2:00:20.75.

The Masters 40+ category was won once again by Malcolm Cachia of The Cyclists when ended his five laps in 1:17:41.99. Ivan Zammit of Birkirkara St. Joseph SC finished second in 1:18:09.78 and Mario Attard of Team Greens came in third in 1:20:27.30.

The Masters 50+ category was won by Steven Andrew Bell of The Cyclists who ended his five laps in 1:19:08.61. He had a strong challenge from Mark Schembri of Mosta AF Sign Studio CC in 1:19:09.74. In third place came Joseph Micallef of The Cyclists who finished his race in 1:21:24.29.

The Under-16 category was won by Nicholas Micallef Mosta AF Sign Studio CC making his three laps of a 26 KM distance in 48:55.40. Behind him came his teammate Sean Enriquez in 53:17.42.

The Girls Under-14 category was again won by Kristina Spiteri of The Cyclists finishing her two laps of 17 KM in 35:17.50. Behind her ended two cyclists from the Mosta AF Sign Studio CC, Justine De Giorgio and Bettina Falzon with respective times of 40:49.82 and 46:07:13.

Matthew Galea Pirotta Mosta AF Sign Studio CC again won the Boys Under-14 category in 32: 10.79. Behind him placed another two Mosta AF Sign Studio CC cyclists, Tristan Joseph Aquilina and Luke Camilleri with respective times of 36:55.52 and 37:02:48.

The Boys Under 12 category at a distance of 2 KM was won by Miguel Galea of Team Greens in 03:20.50. Behind him finished up two cyclists of Mosta AF Sign Studio CC, Teuma Luca (03: 56.45) and Edam Camilleri (03: 58.29).

After the races, Valerio Agnoli, a professional cyclist of Bahrain Merinda and Italian professional coach Pierlugi Terrinoni, assisted by John Zammit and Joe Bajada, President and Secretary General respectively of the Malta Cycling Federation distributed the medals winners all of the various categories.

The Malta Cycling Federation would like to thanks, all participants for their participation and all clubs officials, members and general public for their sporting attitude and collaboration.

Other thanks go also to the ARRTS Timing System team for their great job done. Thanks also for the St Paul’s Local Council, Transport Malta, Policemen, Emergency First Response, timekeepers and marshals for their services and cooperation.

The next race is scheduled for Sunday 10 June 2018 and it will be the second of the Time Trial Championship at the Mtarfa Bypass, starting at 7.30am.
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Monday, November 19, 2018
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