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Malta’s top 76 horses will be participating in six heats on Sunday 25th March, with the top six-placed horses in each race making up the 12 horses in each of the three semi-finals that will be held on the 8th April.

The best placed four horses in each semi-final will then contest the final of the ‘Tazza l-Kbira’, on Sunday 22nd April. All races are contested under the traditional 2640 metres distance.

The ‘Tazza l-Kbira 2018’ was officially launched during a press conference held at the Malta Racing Club conference room and addressed by Mr Edwin Borg and Mr Thomas Cunningham Chairman and General Secretary of the Malta Racing Club and by the rappresentative’s sponsor

‘The Tazza l-Kbira 2018, 84 years since it was first held in 1934 is the highest accolade in Maltese trot racing, attracting the best horses and the largest prize-pot’ said Mr Borg. ‘This year’s edition features only Premier class trotters originating from four different countries and featuring 12 debutants.

‘Once the finalists are determined, the owners of the horses will themselves draw their starting numbers for the final,’ continued Mr Borg. ‘The final, apart from being the top race of the year, will offer fun for all the family with a spectacular entertainment programme for all those in attendance.’

Mr Cunningham explained that although in the past years the limit of horses in this competition was set at 72, because the number of top category horses has increased and some of the owners have imported horses especially for this elite competition, it was decided to accomodate all the Premier category horses hence the increased number of 76. This meant that a slight change had to be done to the qualifying rounds.

Also this year, the Malta Racing Club Council has decided that the prize money had to reflect the importance of this race and thus it should carry the largest prize money of the season.

This meant an increase in the total prize money allocated of €1600 for a total of €6550 with the winner receiving €3500.

Mr Cunningham also stated that in order to ensure the best racing conditions, the Malta Racing Club Council decided to maintain the racetrack‘s surface and currently works are being done on resurfacing and proper levelling.

The Tazza l-Kbira was first held in 1934

Pedro Vici, under the guidance of Johann Axisa holds the fastest time ever in this competition at 1’13”9 registered in the 2016 qualifying heats with Ike Williams C holding the record for most wins with four, having lifted the coveted trophy in 1962, 1963, 1965 and 1966.
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Monday, July 16, 2018
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