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National Men
Hibs vs BUPA Luxol 79-74
Cynergi Depiro vs Starlites GIG 69-78

Gzira Athleta vs Hibs 53-58
Depiro vs Caffe Moak Luxol 73-68

Under 16 Men
Luxol vs Starlites 60-86
Hibs vs Gzira Athleta 59-80
Starlites B vs Depiro KVH 34-92

Under 14 Boys
Luxol vs Gzira Athleta 29-51
Depiro vs Hibs 13-68
Starlites Fortizza vs Siggiewi 60-33

Under 14 Girls
Depiro vs Starlites Fortizza 32-45
Siggiewi vs Gzira Athleta 57-17
Hibs vs Luxol 27-12
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Saturday, June 23, 2018
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