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The Gozo Motocross Association, with the support of the Ministry of Gozo, organised the first edition of the Saturday Night MX at the Ta Xhajma Motocross Track.

The competitions started off around 7:30pm with no less than 28 Gozitan and Maltese riders competing in a series of three heats, which contained a number of laps, in Classes A, B and C.

Anticipation and exhilaration were running high as the dynamic sounds of the 2-stroke and 4-stroke dirt bikes hit the track.

Those present enjoyed the friendly yet combative competitions as riders raced energetically across the artificially lit track. The association was honoured by the presence our Maltese counterparts and would like to thank them for their eager participation. A similar event was organised by the association back in 1999.

There were eight riders in Class C. The young Gozitan Matthew Spiteri obtained full points as he took the lead in all of the three heats. He was closely followed by Michel Sant, a Maltese youngster who debuted at the Gozo track during this event.

In third place, Marvin Sultana showed great determination as he raced along Ismael Briffa. Unfortunately Matthew Buttigieg’s bike broke down at his very first attempt while Raymond Caruana and Steve Cassar both finished the three heats all the while challenged by Emma Xuereb on a Kawasaki KX65cc who is the only female rider of the association.

In Class B, Roderick Cauchi and Nataniel Camilleri had a seven point variance as they challenged each other for first place. Ultimately, Cauchi from Nadur who resides in America and practices this sports on a much bigger scale showed the upper hand and Camilleri followed in second place. Roderick.

Both Godfrey Bigeni and Daniel Caruana missed a heat while Peter Sammut, Matthew Zammit, JosephLuke Gauci, Jorn Stellini, Brandon Slowe and William Sant fought for third position. Zammit came in third.

Maltese brothers Kyle Camilleri and Clayton Camilleri held on to first and second place respectively in Class A, followed by twice Gozitan Champion Etienne Bigeni. Stefan Dimech, Robert Spiteri, David Dimech, Joseph Bigeni and Keith Bugeja showed great stamina while Steve Xuereb and current Gozitan Champion Mario Cauchi were forced to retreat due to slight injuries.

The results wee as follows

Class A:
1st place - Kyle Camilleri
2nd place - Clayton Camilleri
3rd place - Etienne Bigeni

Class B:
1st place - Roderick Cauchi
2nd place - Nataniel Camilleri
3rd place - Matthew Zammit

Class C:
1st place - Matthew Spiteri
2nd place - Michael Sant
3rd place - Marvin Sultana

At the end of the competition, the Hon. Justyne Caruana, Minister of Gozo presented the winning trophies. The Gozo Motocross Association would like to thank the Ministry for Gozo for its support without whom this event would not have been possible.

The president of the GMA states that in the near future, the association aspires to send its member riders abroad for motocross experiences and also would welcome any experienced foreign riders who will share their skills and knowledge.

The GMA would like to announce that the first round of the Yamaha Gozo Motocross Championship 2017-18 will take place on the 15th of October 2017.

New riders are always welcome.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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