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Birkirkara St. Joseph’s Keith Galea managed to outsprint his cycling rivals in the Malta Cycling Federation national championship second road race on Sunda on the difficult Ta’ Pennellu circuit in Mellieha.

Birkirkara St. Joseph had an extraordinary day as Ivan Zammit carried the honours in the Over 40’s category.

Keith Galea, evidently returning to his awesome form, won the final sprint of the 7-lap race in 1:21:24.77, ahead of Pro Action All Stars rider Alexander Pettett (1:21:24.97) and a good nineteen seconds in front of The Cyclists’ duo brothers Christian and Maurice Formosa.

The female category was a clear-cut winner by Michelle Vella Wood of Team Greens after covering the distance of five laps in an impressive time of 1:06:44.68.

She was over two minutes and thirteen seconds ahead of Stephanie Alden - The Cyclist (1:08:58.47) and eighteen minutes and seventeen seconds of Marion Pullicino - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC (1:25:01.95) in the final classification.

Nicholas Attard Montaldo of The Cyclist continued with his domination in the Juniors category as he finished his 5 laps in 00:59:51.83.

Ivan Zammit of Birkirkara St. Joseph’s sustained his good form in challenging for his 40+ category’s honours, with another victory under his belt by a massive one minute and 34 seconds over Teem Greens rider Colin Tabone.

Kenneth Zammit of The Cyclist won his 4 laps Masters 50+ Category in 00:52:41.41 while Emmanuel Camilleri of Mosta AF Sign Studio CC was first in the Masters 60+ four laps race in 00:54:42.08.

After the race, medals were distributed by John Zammit and Joe Bajada, President and General Secretary of the Malta Cycling Federation to all winners in the various Age Group categories.

The next race will be the second one of the Time Trial National Championship on Sunday 25 June 2017 at Mtarfa.

Overall Results
1. Keith Galea - B'Kara St.Joseph SC 1:21:24.77
2. Alexander Pettett - Pro Action All Stars 1:21:24.97
3. Christian Formosa - The Cyclist 1:21:43.69

1. Michelle Vella Wood - Team Greens 1:06:44.68
2. Stephanie Alden - The Cyclist 1:08:58.47
3. Marion Pullicino - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC 1:25:01.95

1. Nicholas Attard Montaldo - The Cyclist 00:59:51.83
2. 65 Isaac Spiteri - The Cyclist 01:09:28.85
3. Gianluca Camilleri – B’kara St Joseph SC 01:33:38.50

Age Group Categories
Under 12 M
1. Miguel Galea - Team Greens 00:05:34.00
2. Isaac Bonnici – Agones 00:05:35.00
3. Luca Vella - The Cyclist 35:30.88 00:05:50.00

Under 12 F
1. Justine De Giorgio - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC 00:05:33.00
2. Hannah Dandria - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC 00:06:32.00

Under 15 M
1. Matthew Galea Pirotta - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC 00:26:04.12
2. Nikol Micallef - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC 00:26:04.72
3. Malcolm Vassallo - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC 00:26:51.20

Under 15 F
1. Kristina Spiteri - The Cyclist 00:28:47.07
2. Veronique Pace Asciak - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC 00:37:19.50

Masters 40+
1. Ivan Zammit - B'Kara St.Joseph SC 1:03:40.22
2. Colin Tabone - Team Greens 1:05:15.04
3. Kelvin Goodwin - Agones SFC 1:06:15.85

Masters 50+
1. Kenneth Zammit - The Cyclist 00:52:41.41
2. Joseph Micallef - The Cyclist 00:53:27.26
3. Joe Mallia - Qormi CC 00:53:27.26

Masters 60+
1. Emmanuel Camilleri - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC 00:54:42.08
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Monday, July 23, 2018
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