Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi continued on Sunday the ASMK 2016/217 National Championship.

The Trails section will be holding the 3rd Trials Championship event which will be organized in a quarry in Fawwara limits of Siggiewi. The Program starts at 9: 00 am in the morning and non-members are welcome to participate.

Meanwhile on Sunday 19 February 2017 the Association organized the third event with 16 Enduro competitors registered and divided into two classes.

The event started with the Pole Position runs where Joseph Scicluna on a KTM and Bernard Sammut on KTM too ended up at the top pole scale where Scicluna was leading with a marginal advantage.

During the first official Heat the competitors continued to improve their times. In Class B Scicluna and Zammit continued to defend their position with Scicluna leading by four seconds advantage over Zammit. During the first Heat James Zahra on Yamaha motorcycle entered the top leaders scale too as he significantly improved his Lap times.

The competition for the lead also continued in the second Heat despite Scicluna accentuating his advantage to defend his top position in this class as well as in the Overall scale.

Meanwhile, the attention turned on who will enter the second and third places where Zahra and Zammit continued their combat during this Heat where now Gary Debono also entered the scene and placed close to the leaders on his Sherco motorcycle.

Nevertheless, the final result confirmed Scicluna winning the day with a Lap Time of 5 minutes 27.46 seconds. Scicluna was followed by Zammit in second place with a lap time of 5 minutes 34.59 seconds.

Debono and Zahra finished in Third and Fourth Positions respectively. Zahra closed the day with a time of 5 minutes 35.34 seconds while Debono closed the day with a Lap Time of 5 minutes 41.84 seconds.

Class A where motorcycles with a smaller capacity compete. The fight for the lead here was between James Grima on his KTM and the KTM of Debono Elvin.

During the Pole Position Grima registered his best time followed by Debono on a KTM and Krist Falzon on a Honda. During the first Heat Debono managed to improve his time and secured his lead in this class while he was followed by Grima and Falzon.

During the second Heat Grima made his very best to restore back the placings that he lost in the first Heat. Though Grima again improved his Lap time this did not result in positively because Debono continued to improve his time over Grima and Falzon who were in combat for the Second and Third places.

The final result confirmed Debono as the winner of this class with a Lap time of 6 minutes 9.82 seconds followed by Grima in second place with a Lap time of 6 minutes 26.85 seconds.

Falzon placed third in class A with a best Lap time of 6 minutes 39.14 seconds. Fourth place finisher Aidan Camilleri on Yamaha lapped the course in 6 minutes 43.76 seconds.

Meanwhile the Association notifies that another Demolition Derby is to be held on Sunday 9th April.

The Executive Committee decided to hold this popular event if enough participants register for this 'SMALL CARS DEMOLITION DERBY’. The cars eligible to compete in this Demolition must not be longer than 4 meters (13 ft).

Anyone interested in participating as a Demolition Derby competitor must attend a meeting which is to be held on Thursday 9th March 2017 at ASMK Club House, Triq il-Kampnar ta l-Arlogg, Mtarfa.

The meeting starts at 8: 00pm where Registration of Competitors are received only if backed by the personal Identity Card.

The competitors will be briefed with Race/Safety data during this Mtarfa meeting. The Small Cars Demolition Regulations of such a race are published on the Association website named:- www.asmk.org.mt.

Photo by Mario Micallef
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