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Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi organized last Sunday the second programme of the Autocross and Motocross from the ASMK 2016/2017 Championships.

On a wet track more than usual due to the night storm made it more difficult for the Autocross drivers to control their car’s performance. It was not the same for the Motocross Riders as they had the almost perfect course conditions.

The activity started well before the initiation of Warm-up Laps by both the Autocross and Motocross competitors and also during the First Timed Heats.

Following the Automotive Heats and during the first Heats of the Class A Motocross rain showers poured again which made it difficult for all to continue the activities as they were planned.

The Executive Committee soon discussed and assessed the situation while it was still raining and it did not seem to stop raining for a considerable amount of time.

The same committee forced to postpone the program due to the drivers and riders safety. The Committee also decided to continue this program next Sunday 29th January 2017.

Administration informed the public present to those spectators who had already paid their ticket to save their entrance ticket as they have paid to watch a whole day event.

Anyone who presents his ticket at the gates next Sunday 29th January will enter again for free.

This decision was taken by the ASMK Committee as it is fair to anyone who paid to see a day of sports activity can do so on Sunday 29 January.

Also, next Sunday 29th January event is to include a whole Trials competition starting at 9.00am.

The program will continue with the Autocross and Motocross races which had began on Sunday 22nd.

The Trials section will be organizing their second Championship event also in the ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2016/2017 events.

The Autocross and Motocross events continue their racing from about noon.
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