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The first round for 2016 Malta Drifting Association championship meant another win for last year’s winner Christian Borg with his Nissan S14a.

This time Christian was challenged by the new fellow pro drifter Melo Zammit… giving him a hard time to get his position with a very close call. They were followed by great runs by Brian Mifsud in his BMW.

In the Street Legal category we have had a new driver finishing in the top position Shaw Pisani, followed by Philip Grima and Brandon Pisani.

It turned out to be a warm spectacular day full of adrenalin and entertainment. The day started with free practice runs where all drivers had the opportunity to get to grips with the track whilst mastering the techniques needed.

After briefing; the qualifying’s started where each and every driver had 3 judged runs, and were given points based on line, clipping zones, angle, speed and style.

We have seen a very good level of drifting with the overall level always improving and new members always joining in. We will be seeing more drivers taking part very soon as we have had a large number of drivers still finishing off their cars. Additionally for the next round we will be seeing 2 foreign Italian professional drifters competing with us!

For the very first time during the MDA Championship, we have had Live streaming for the entire event; and were being watched from different nations online on www.motorsmt.eu

Last but not least on behalf of all the drivers, we would like to say thank you to MDRA for the track, motorsmt.eu for the live streaming as well as Adrian Figallo for the judging and many more sponsors supporting our events. Such a brilliant event would not happen without the time, dedication and support of everyone involved.

The Next round is going to be held on the 12th June at 10.00am at Hal Far raceway. Follow us on our facebook page ‘Malta Drifting Association’ to keep in tune with all updates.

By: Marisa Grixti
Malta Drifting Association PR
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Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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