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The Malta Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (MFBBF) this year is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

To celebrate this milestone the Federation has organised a double event, the 2015 National Championships together with an International Grand Prix sanctioned by IFBB.

The weekend got underway on Saturday with the 2015 National Championships, in which 60 athletes competed in 13 different classes split into five categories, namely Men's Physique, Men's Classic Bodybuilding, Men's Bodybuilding, Women's Bikini Fitness and Women's Bodyfitness.

Luke Debono dominated the men's bodybuilding category winning the Junior and Over 90kg classes as well as the Bodybuilding Overall with perfect scores at just 22 years old.

Daniel Umanah was the revelation of this year's contest, a first time competitor he won his height class and went on to win the overall in Men's Physique Category.

In the women's bikini fitness overall we saw defending champion Derya Satariano challenged by a Hannah Tabone Grech. Derya Satariano went on to win the overall title, with Hannah Tabone Grech impressing with her outstanding performance and second placing in her first MFBBF competition.

The Overall winners of each category during the National Championships where as follows:

Men's Physique - 1st place Daniel Umanah, 2nd placed Andrew Farrugia, 3rd place Matthew Caruana.

Men's Classic Bodybuilding - 1st place Bader MelodyAlmiloudi, 2nd place Clint Magro, 3rd place Ruben Calleja.

Men's Bodybuilding - 1st place Luke Debono, 2nd place John Debono, 3rd place Stephen Borg

Women's Bikini fitness - 1st place Derya Satariano, 2nd place Hannah Tabone Grech, 3rd place Joanne Lewis.

Women's Bodyfitness - 1st place Angele Claire Caruana, 2nd place Roberta Borg, 3rd place Stacy Candlish.

The top thirty athletes from the National Championships qualified for the International Grand Prix which was held the next day, Sunday 19th April.

The Maltese athletes competed against athletes hailing from Ireland, Norway, Czech Republic, Portugal and Italy amongst which world class athletes like Margita Zamolova(Czech Republic) and Cristina Romano(Italy).

Luke Debono once again dominated the Men's Bodybuilding category, remaining largely unchallenged, obtaining a perfect score in the overall with the the Irish competitor coming in in second place.

The Women's bodyfitness category was won by World Champion runner up Margita Zamolova, closely followed by another world championship finalist Cristina Romano.

The men's classic bodybuilding category saw the battle for top placing between the Norwegian and Maltese athletes with the Norwegian athlete winning by only a few points.

Results were as follows:

Men's Physique - 1st place Daniel Umanah, 2nd place Andrew Farrugia, 3rd place Konrad Fenech. All three athletes are Maltese

Men's Classic Bodybuilding - 1st place Keyvan Nabi (Norway), 2nd place Bader Melody Almiloudi (Malta), 3rd place Jan Tousek (Czech Republic)

Men's Bodybuilding - 1st place Luke Debono (Malta), 2nd place Karol Stuglik (Ireland), 3rd place John Debono(Malta)

Women's Bikini Fitness - 1st place Derya Satariano, 2nd place Hannah Tabone Grech, 3rd place Joanne Lewis. All 3 athletes are Maltese.

Bodyfitness - 1st place Margita Zamolova (Czech Republic), 2nd Cristina Romano (Italy), 3rd place Elizabeth Stuglik (Ireland)

The five Overall National Champions will also be representing Malta in the IFBB European Championships which will be held in Santa Susanna Spain between the 13th and 18th May 2015.
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