In a game that didn't change anything in regards to the ranking order in the MRFU League, Overseas ran out 32-7 winners against Kavallieri.

It was a game that probably reflected the conditions, played in a slight drizzle throughout with leaden grey skies.

Trying to keep track of play was a numbers game, especially since Kavallieri did not have one player wearing the same number as those listed on the team sheet.

It was probably down to the fact that as they were short on playing numbers, and so players were playing out of position.

The scrappy affair was partly expected, maybe also to reflect the Carnival atmosphere this weekend.

The ball was slippery, so a lot of movements went to ground through dropped passes. The first 10 minutes of play after Kavallier's Blyton(10) kicked off was played around the halfway as both teams tried to adjust their game to the conditions and opposition.

Kavallieri used the high ball testing the Overseas on their catching game. Then it was Briffa who kicked long into Kavallieri territory, they win the ruck and go right and Gauci (13) scores with Briffa(10) converting.

Kavallieri are penalised twice for the same infringement on their 22 metre line, Briffa misses the first penalty, but finally gets the second.

Overseas move ahead 10 points to 0.

Overseas' Captain Clayton Cassar(8)is yellow carded for an infringement off the ball, he is in the sin bin for 10 minutes.

Just before half time Briffa goals again from a penalty and they go into the sheds with Overseas 13 Kavallieri 0.

Kavallieri have only been able to get into the Overseas 22 the one time, so they are struggling to get into the game.

Overseas are back on the attack again in the 2nd half with Cassar putting some power and passion into play, taking the ball over the gain line giving his backs some space to work in, they work it left and right and finally Gauci(13) runs it in for his second try.

Gauci had a good game today in his lime green boots, putting some pace on the ball when he gets it. Briffa converts and it is Overseas 20 Kavallieri 0.

Kavallieri launch an attack with a high ball, Overseas drop it and Debierre (13) following through pounces on it and scores. Blyton converts and Kavallieri are on the board Overseas 20 Kavallieri 7.

Briffa restarts long and Overseas are on the attack again, keeping the pressure on Kavallieri.

As a spectacle the game lacked a lot, too many mistakes, not enough phase play to drag in the stragglers in defence, so there are too many players out in the back lines, no high balls, the grubber kick being overused and it is not effective.

Overseas put a couple of phases together going left and right and Mupimhidza (2) scores 10 metres from the corner flag Briffa converts

Down to the last 10 minutes of play Briffa kicks into the corner from a penalty, Overseas maul the lineout ball and Cassar goes blind and scores in the corner.

The conversion misses and apart from a few more Overseas sorties at the Kavallieri line, thats where the game finishes with Referee Edwin Ward blowing for full time with Overseas running out the winners 32 Kavallieri 7.

Other results of the day Falcons win the Second Division competition beating Gladiators 22 to 5.

A Welsh touring team Llangwynydd School defeated a Maltese Select Schools team 45-12.

By: Bryan Corlett / MRFU

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Thursday, July 19, 2018
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