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Riders' race suits, across all classes within the MotoGP World Championship, must be fitted with airbag systems from the 2018 season, it has been announced.

Airbags must be worn in every session by every permanent rider, and must be functional when on track.

Wildcard riders will be the only exceptions, while replacement riders are exempt from the rule for their first two events only, with the new ruling in place thereafter.

In a statement, series officials outline that the airbag should cover and protect at least the shoulder and collarbone areas, with full or central back protection optional.

If a manufacturer chooses to have back protection, it must cover the whole spine.

Minor changes according to the specifics of each system are allowed, as are variations to accommodate each rider, but the same guidelines will be in place for manufacturers.

Each airbag system must pass a series of tests to prove that it fully complies with the regulations, ranging from the battery and electronics to deployment and inflation times.

Accidental deployment is also a factor, with tests aimed at ensuring that such a scenario does not cause a rider to crash or impede a rider from controlling their motorcycle.

Meanwhile, airbag systems must not require any parts to be added to the motorcycle, and must be triggered without the rider being tethered to the bike.

Each manufacturer must self-certify that its system fully complies with the regulations and reaches these standards, and declare its reliability based on internal testing.

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Monday, November 19, 2018
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